AP-2000SH (NTN7144)

Slim Version NTN7144 NI-MH after market battery pack for Motorola HT1000, MTS2000, MT2000, GP900 , GP1200. This battery battery is assembled with anti-explosion patent NI-MH cells and is guaranteed to meet or exceed original Motorola specification. Also come in NI-CD version and also thick version

1650 / 1800 / 2000 / 2200 mAh
7.2 V

2.02 CM
5.95 CM
15.4 CM

1 Year

Part Numbers

Motorola NTN7144
Motorola NTN7143
Motorola NTN7143B
Motorola NTN7143C
Motorola NTN7143CR
Motorola NTN7144A
Motorola NTN7144AG
Motorola NTN7144AR
Motorola NTN7144B
Motorola NTN7144C
Motorola NTN7144CR
Motorola NTN7145A
Motorola NTN7150_R
Motorola NTN7341A
Motorola NTN7341AR
Motorola NTN7341
Motorola NTN7372A
Motorola NTN7372AR
Motorola NTN7372BR
Motorola WPNN4013A
Motorola WPNN4013AR
Motorola WPNN4013
Motorola WPNN4013_R
Motorola WPNN4037A

Works With

Motorola GP1200
Motorola GP900
Motorola HT1000
Motorola MT2000
Motorola MT2100
Motorola MTS2000
Motorola MTS2100
Motorola MTX8000
Motorola MTX838
Motorola MTX9000
Motorola MTZ2000
Motorola PTX1200


  Ultrasonic Seal
  Gold Connector
  Rugged Materials

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