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The Aria Winning Formula

Mission and Philosophy

As a major player in the two-way industry, Aria’s corporate mission is to supply top quality batteries that empower our clients to be competitive and reach their full potential. Aria’s philosophy behind product development—which is to accomplish the fundamentals well first before moving forward—has Aria a dependable battery supplier in two way radio industry. Aria has now an injection machine with over 600 molds, including its batteries and accessories for two way radio, crane remote controls and barcode scanners.

Achieving Our Mission

Aria plans to achieve its mission through the following 5 core strength

Meet The Global Demand

At Aria, we provide our customers with precisely what they need for their national markets. Our product varieties and quality maintain Aria in the leading position in the industry.

Focus on Quality

Quality is of utmost importance to Aria. We continue to refine our quality management processes to ensure customers receive the highest quality solutions.10 QC inspectors are stationed at each production stage, assuring you of our product quality. In all procedures, we adhere to three basic principles
Raw materials must be top of the line.
Assembling must be accurate and precise
Quality must meet international standards

Variety is the name of our game

Aria is an established authority in the wireless communication market that offers our customers with extensive range of product types and brands. In order to meet the rapid change in the market, we frequently develop new toolings and our products are most up to dated.

Long term relationship

In Aria, we believe in growing with our customers and maintain strong relationship. Our engineers provide solution for the technical issues that our clients encounter. Besides, we also provide 1 year on all products and any non-artificial defectives will be replaced.


All Aria employees share the same sense of purpose. We thrive under pressure and look forward to challenges. We work to accomplish the same mission—to empower our clients with top quality batteries.

Aria DNA

In order to achieve our goal of making Aria the world’s most admired enterprise of the two way radio era; we operate according to five core values that make up the Aria DNA.These values are believed to be the key to the smooth development of processes and relationships, and everyone who works at Aria is encouraged to practice them.

  • Show gratitude and respect
  • Possess strong team spirit
  • When facing problems, look into areas of personal responsibility rather than blame others
  • Be strongly motivated and strive for self-improvement
  • Be honest, sincere and truthful
  • Understand and accept one´s strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop open professional relationships
  • Focus on cost and eliminate waste to ´do more with less´
  • Take the initiative to pull project teams together in order to create maximum customer value
  • Be quick to grasp the fundamentals of any situation
  • Take the right actions swiftly to create winning results
  • Seek and quickly seize new opportunities
  • Confront problems and embrace adversity
  • Drive constructive dialogue, even in the face of disagreement and criticism
  • Consider the available facts before drawing conclusions to avoid making hasty decisions
  • Inspire, motivate and nurture our employees to explore their highest potential
  • Commit to integrity and diligence; focus on fundamentals and results
  • Endlessly pursue to be number 1 in the areas of quality, quantity, speed, service, and cost-efficiency

Through the years

Established in 1989 in Taiwan, Aria Industrial Co., Ltd has developed flawless techniques in manufacturing battery packs, chargers, and accessories for two-way radios, barcode scanners, crane remote controls and power tools. With more than 20 years of experience, Aria has become the most qualified and reliable OEM factory in the wireless communications industry.

Following the global trend, Aria is committed to manufacturing eco-friendly products with RoHS standard. Aside from promoting its green initiatives, Aria also sets up testing laboratories for mechanism, materials and electronics to conduct quality check to maximize battery performance and minimize defective rate.

Furthermore, Aria´s devotion to meet the global supply chain has lead to it carrying an accumulated of over 400 mold templates covering most of the brands in the market. Aside from the templates in the menu, Aria relentlessly seeks to assist customers to develop their own molds. In addition, Aria is also committed to solve technical problems that the clients encounter during operation.

As a result of Aria's superior product performance, quality customer service and green manufacturing execution, Aria has become not only a top quality supplier but also a dependable partner.